10 Anime With The Most Unique Artistic Styles

It’s not often that the anime is complimented for being quirky enough. Many series are simply a repetition of each other, including the appearance of the main characters. For example, if the anime is a generic harem, then the MC must have brown / black hair and eyes, with little or no personality.

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Even so, fans are surprised every time by artistic styles that they have never seen before. Now these styles can be pretty and they can be ugly, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are 100% unique. Here’s a look at 10 of those artistic styles in some anime:

ten Shiki

Shiki’s art was the most criticized aspect of the series, with its slow first half arriving in a distant second. It’s not hard to see why fans hated the appearance of the characters – a black hole for the eyes and hair that looked like most of them recharged their hair in the morning with electric currents.

The words “hideous” and “ugly” were dropped quite often, and art was one of the main reasons many anime fans never tried the series.

9 Grimgar of fantasy and ashes

A-1 Pictures has built a reputation for creating some of the most spectacular cartoons, including Sword art online. With Grimgar’s Ashes, fans can clearly see them experimenting with a different art style.

Simply put, the entire anime appears to have been hand painted with watercolors. Needless to say, ethereal backgrounds and character designs stand out a lot more than they would with ordinary anime art styles.

8 Flowers of Evil

From the outset, the series generated a lot of hatred from manga fans for its “ugly” art. While the art of the manga was simply breathtaking, the anime seemed to have “ugly” its own characters.

Fans pointed out that this artistic choice made them distant from the characters, unable to bond with them. However, fans of the anime have argued that characters who do not look like typical anime protagonists give the series a certain air of realism.

7 hanako-kun bound toilet

Hanako-kun bound to the toilet

With its warm color palette and thick, clean contours, Hanako-kun bound to the toilet the art immediately wowed fans. Many have even compared his art to that of The attack of the Titans, seeing how the two used an overwhelming amount of brown for their characters and backgrounds.

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Needless to say, the credit for the animation style of the comics goes entirely to the studio for staying true to the original art style of the manga.

6 Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

The show has a very distinct artistic style. The best way to describe it is to call it an amalgamation of Japanese and American cartoon art styles.

The black characters are drawn in a decidedly Western fashion, while the rest of the characters, backgrounds, and sets have an obvious Japanese influence.

5 xxxHOLiC

Now, the anime isn’t exactly known for being very realistic or adhering to the rules of physics, and although the characters in xxHOLic tend to have their legs and torso on the long side of things, that doesn’t detract from the unique artistic style of the mangaka CLAMP.

Although at the time of its release, they tended to create characters with limbs that were too long as such in Code Geass, the mystical style is a great take-away point from the direction of the anime.

4 Gatchaman crowds

Gatchaman crowds

Bright colors and geometric shapes – that’s the best way to describe The Gatchaman Crowds’ art. The animation is clean, crisp, and smooth, with the CGI blending in almost perfectly as the show’s main characters transform into superheroes.

In fact, the art just happens to be the USP of this superhero show, so much so that many people have watched the whole series simply for its stunning animation.

3 Promare

It’s yet another show with a beautifully colored palette, which can lean towards the pastel side. As Gatchaman crowds, the emphasis is on the geometric shapes of the characters and objects of the show, in particular machines and vehicles.

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The CGI integration fits in perfectly, so much so that the average fan can’t even tell that CGI has been used!

2 Jojo’s bizarre adventure

jojos p3 ova

The art is an ode to the artistic style of ’90s anime, most notable being its shading lines, which are literally black lines. The art is colorful and strongly stylized.

The characters on the show, especially the males, are muscular to the point of being hilarious and have been called one of the best artistically pleasing anime for fans to watch. The color schemes are constantly changing, often to match the show’s beautifully drawn abstract backgrounds. Even the ridiculously impossible poses the characters take have become a meme among Japanese and American audiences, along with the titular slogans – and the unique style they are drawn in also has a role to play.

1 Tatami Galaxy

The art in this anime is clean, simple, and certainly not very symmetrical. While the anime doesn’t have the most realistic characters, Tatami Galaxy the characters are drawn in an even more exaggerated cartoonish way, similar to a cartoonish style but bordering on traditional anime.

Solid colors are often used to present them, with their movements appearing, well, inflexible. Many people are annoyed by its art, but many others are drawn to its uniqueness.

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