10 Best Romantic Period Dramas According To IMDb

Persuasion is the latest romantic period film from Netflix, which will be released on July 1 this year. Adapted from Jane Austen’s book, the story follows what a second chance at romance looks like. Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding, the trailer features all the elements viewers love from a classic romantic drama set in the 19th century.

Period films tend to evoke a time and place in history so well that viewers know it as well as their own. It’s a genre that spans decades and that modern audiences are clearly still in love with. A slew of classic Romantic period dramas have become features, including The age of innocence, Brave heartand Titanic. With so many to choose from, here are some of the best period romance dramas.


ten Young Victoria (2009) – 7.2

British period film The young Victoria depicts the life of Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and is a serious love story within the structured walls of the British monarchy. Revered as a formidable matron and successful ruler, it’s easy to forget that Victoria was also a young girl, finding her way through life as a future queen.

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Unlike many monarchs, Queen Victoria married the man of her choice and never remarried after Prince Albert died in 1861, wearing only black for the rest of her life and was then considered the widow of Windsor. This biopic enters the fantasy world of the British monarchy and gives audiences a happy taste of true love in turbulent times.

9 Somewhere in Time (1980) – 7.2

Christopher Plummer William Fawcett Robinson Somewhere in Time

Set in both the early 1900s and the 1970s somewhere in time tells the story of a successful writer who is about to begin his incredible journey into another life in search of the love he could never find in his time.

Director Jeannot Szwarc’s romantic fantasy world tells the story of a love that transcends time. Due to the chemistry between Jane Seymour as Elise McKenna and Christopher Reeve as Richard Collier, the romance is not only believable but riveting. The film’s sweeping score is also what captivates audiences, and it’s a near-perfect romance without the shackles of violent or overt sexual overtones that can typically be found in historical romance features.

8 Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) – 7.3

Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang in the garden in Memoirs Of A Geisha.

Memoirs of a Geisha is an epic historical drama set in 1920s Japan before and during World War II. Told in first person by Geisha Nitta Sayuri, audiences follow the story of the hard work and sacrifice of becoming a working geisha in Kyoto, Japan.

The film is adapted from the novel written by Arthur Golden. It was nominated for numerous awards and won an Oscar for Best Costume Design and Best Art Photography. Although considered more for the excellent storytelling and perspective of a woman placed in a demanding lifestyle, the story lives on due to its non-traditional epic romance.

seven Much Ado About Nothing (1993) – 7.3

A lot of noise for nothing is a romantic comedy based on a play by William Shakespeare. It follows the love story of Beatrice and Benedick, two misanthropic victims of tricks. This ruse intertwines with the love story of Hero and Count Claudio which delivers a light and delightful story.

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Starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh, it is one of his finest films and not to mention the most financially successful Shakespeare films ever made. Boasting the who’s who of 1990s Hollywood, the film’s ensemble features Emma Thompson, Robert Sean Leonard, Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Kate Beckinsale in her film debut.

6 Little Women (1994) – 7.3

The third adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same name was released in 1994. Little woman is set against the backdrop of the Civil War in 1862 and follows four sisters and the details of their passages from childhood to adult woman. The cast of this film wonderfully includes Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst and Claire Danes.

This coming-of-age love story is unique because it gives a balanced look at the different themes of love. Jo March’s persistence for knowledge and independence, the priority her family takes in her life, and her value of friendship are refreshingly original to women of the time. It also shows audiences of all ages the importance of brotherhood.

5 The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) – 7.7

Jim Caviezel in The Count of Monte Cristo

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, the count of Monte Cristo is a classic historical romance about an innocent man wrongfully imprisoned and his incredible plan for revenge. The clear evolution of the characters of Edmond Dantès and Fernand Mondego intertwine in an exciting adventure.

It is an epic tale that draws audiences in with its mixed elements of romance, adventure, and historical fiction that kept this film relevant in the period romance genre. Acclaimed film critic Robert Ebert of the Chicago Sun-times said this of the period piece: “It’s the kind of movie that was home on Saturday mornings, and it still is.”

4 Reason and Sensibility (1995) – 7.7

Sense and sensitivity is not just a superb adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, but a masterclass in acting. Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant bring lavish storytelling to the Regency era. Each character portrayal leaps from the pages of Austin to the screen in full authenticity and credibility.

Alan Rickman, who hadn’t become the household name is now, swept the audience with his portrayal of Colonel Brandon. It’s a step away from the public who know his work as Professor Snape. The silent suffering of Emma Thompson’s character, Elinor Dashwood, in refusing to admit her love for Mr. Farris, gives audiences a heartbreaking story of unrequited love that leads to a happy ending, in true Jane fashion austin.

3 The Notebook (2004) – 7.8

Noah and Allie kiss in the rain

Few fans of vintage romance films will say they haven’t seen this Nicholas Sparks classic. Known for his heartbreaking and moving love stories, Notebook create the perfect scenes to see what falling in love can be like. This modern classic swings between history and present telling the story of Noah and Allison, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. A then-real couple, it made Gosling and McAdam’s on-screen chemistry even better.

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The 2004 film stuck relatively close to the novel and offers a love story that offers a relatable experience. It’s memorable with themes of loss and rekindled romance. It has remained a fan favorite because the story is never salacious or gratuitous in its romance; viewers are expected to search for the main characters from beginning to end.

2 Pride and Prejudice (2005) – 7.8

A beloved story by Jane Austin, 2005 Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen is a slight departure from the 1995 TV drama of the same name. The love story that belongs to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet is delightfully dreamlike and remains popular with every passing generation.

Elizabeth Bennet’s strong-willed nature is played by Knightley, who has become synonymous with period romance dramas. She plays the seminal role of the beautifully forgotten woman who has a mind of her own in a time when such opinions were assumed to be of little value. What MacFadyen brought to his Mr. Darcy over Colin Firth’s 1995 portrayal is a subdued sexual energy that floods the screen every time.

1 Gone with the Wind (1939) – 8.2

Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable close together in Gone with the Wind

A beautifully tragic coming-of-age story, carried away by the wind showed the audience the challenges of going through life’s events. The romantic drama tells the story of an unrequited love, an enduring love, and the fate that keeps people apart during the American Civil War. The film presents the themes of femininity and social classes in society.

It saw Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable bring Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler to life. The period romantic drama is the highest-grossing film of all time when adjusted for inflation (according to Guinness World Records), the biggest costume drama in history and was awarded 12 Oscars. carried away by the wind became entrenched in popular culture and set a precedent for classic and modern period romance dramas.

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