Agreement signed to hand over the precious artistic works of Mohammed Abdo

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — Rotana Audio-Visual Company has signed an agreement with Sout Al Jazeera Group Company for the purchase of the works and lyrical archives of the famous Arab singer Mohammed Abdo.

The deal, which is the biggest artist deal in the Middle East, was signed by Rotana CEO Salem Al-Hindi, while Sout Al Jazeera was represented by star singer Mohammed Abdo at a recent ceremony held in the presence of Turki Al-Sheikh, President of General Entertainment Authority.

Speaking on the occasion, the GEA chief said it was the largest such transaction in the Middle East. He pointed out that “it may be the most expensive archive sold in the world”. Al-Sheikh said that the importance of this agreement lies in the long history of Mohammed Abdo, who is the most eminent among artists in the Arab world, with his great history, composition and popularity.

“The management of this rich artistic content has been entrusted to a leading professional company in this field, which has significant and distinctive capabilities to deal with these important works. In addition, this agreement avoids the recurrence of the difficulties that we usually encounter with artists after their retirement and disagreements with their families in the management and preservation of their works,” he said.

“It is courageous for Mohammed Abdo to transmit a precious part of his creations for which he has worked hard for sixty years. It’s like handing over one of his sons, and this artist has made great efforts over the past decades into the era of current wise leadership that supports all of the arts.

Al-Sheikh said the catalog of archived songs Rotana received includes 122 albums. On each page of this catalog are dozens of songs. He noted that some songs might be re-recorded, especially after Mohammed Abdo’s songs were presented last season with hologram technology and some of them were recorded in a modern way.

“We at the General Entertainment Authority support the archiving of the artistic history of Saudi artists, and Mohammed Abdo remains far ahead of the rest of the artists.”

Al-Sheikh thanked Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for his support of Saudi artists on all Rotana channels, praising the company, its professionalism and technical expertise, and its support of Saudi and Arab art with hundreds of million in the last period.

For his part, Mohammed Abdo, spoke about his career and the different stages it has gone through. “The Sout Al Jazeera company went through difficult circumstances when it was founded in the 1960s. There have been many offers to buy this audio library since its inception thanks to phonograph records. It was the first company to establish a cassette factory and the first company to set up a studio with the latest equipment.

“All these works and content are stored and preserved, and as per the suggestion of the head of GEA, this artistic content has been transferred to the largest company which has new technologies in artistic production,” he added.

For his part, Rotana CEO Salem Al-Hindi said that the rich artistic content of the Arab artist, which has spanned 60 years, has moved to be managed by the company, hoping that Rotana will be faithful to this. great legacy and will preserve it.

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