Buy modern art with David Zwirner’s platform

With soaring variants of COVID-19, many are quarantined in their apartments, but one good thing is that over the past few years we have become seasoned decorators and understand the importance of a beautiful space. . Platform, an online art marketplace created by the team behind David Zwirner, lets you create your own display and fill your walls with world-class modern art.

First created in 2017, Platform makes masterful works of art accessible, presenting a very curated selection of contemporary works to seasoned collectors and casual museum-goers. Often criticized for its opacity and difficult navigation, the innovative digital art destination sought to democratize the traditional art world and provide greater access to the world’s top artists. Every month, new works of art come from the most prestigious international galleries and are available for viewing and purchase on the one-of-a-kind site.

This month’s stars include Mary Heilmann’s oceanic Line 2. Broad bands of deep turquoise add an instant atmosphere of calm and serenity to any living space. During this time, Elizabeth PeytonThe romantic etched portrait of the famous artist Michelangelo evokes a sense of comfort and sophistication. Tomma Abts’ Untitled is a zesty and invigorating work of art that would go perfectly over a mantle, providing a bold and warm centerpiece.

Visit Platform website to see this month’s selection and start creating an aesthetic home.

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