Games with art styles similar to Cuphead

With Cuphead New Delicious last course DLC available for returning gamers to sate their appetite, gamers can once again be drawn to the beautiful and alluring artwork featured in the game. Cuphead use a rubber hose animation style that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s with a heavy emphasis on watercolor for its backgrounds.

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Achieving this art style is no small feat either, as each animation frame would have been hand-drawn on paper before being inked and integrated into the game. based on their mechanics, storytelling, and the fun they provide. However, an appropriate art style that blends seamlessly with the gameplay can dramatically improve immersion and the experience. Although having a distinct visual presentation, players should be aware that Cuphead isn’t the only critically acclaimed game that boasts a dynamic hand-drawn aesthetic.

seven child of light

child of light is a 2014 Platform RPG released by Ubisoft which takes place in a fantastic land called Lemuria. Revolving around multiple characters, the player must collect the sun, moon, and stars from the fearsome Queen of the Night in order to return home. The game was designed using UbiArt Framework Engine which allowed the design team to directly import their concept art.

The designers wanted players to feel like they’re in an animated painting and give the impression of being in an “underwater dream”. The game’s visuals use watercolor elements, and Ubisoft even collaborated with Cirque Du Soleil to give a theatrical feel and inspire the character costume designs.

6 Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a management simulation where players take on the role of a spirit guide who must collect souls and help them reach the afterlife. The theme of death is contrasted by Spiritfarer bright and beautiful hand-drawn animations and character designs. Rich, enticing, and evocative, the game feels like something out of a Hayao Miyazaki movie at times, as it melds familiar cultures, a colorful cast of characters, and heartwarming intimacy.

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Although not as flashy as games such as Goblet head.Spirtfarer unique art direction enhanced by musical composition offers players a chance to personally connect with its memorable characters and story.

5 Indivisible

An action and role-playing platform game, Indivisible presents an interesting pitch. The game blends Japanese-style animation with Southeast Asian aesthetics and setting, a territory few mediums and games have traveled to. The game’s beautiful and alluring art combined with its spirited action shines particularly well as gamers.

On closer inspection, the game also goes beyond its original Indonesian-inspired aesthetic and incorporates mythology and designs from other Southeast Asian and East Asian cultures and nations. . This is reflected in the variety of enemies players must fight, including tusked ogres inspired by Burmese folklore and shamans who emulate African animism.

4 Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Although there is much to say, Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a 2D dark fantasy action RPG where players attempt to uncover the mysteries of a ruined kingdom. Players control Lily, a lone surviving priestess who wakes up with classic video game amnesia. The game seems to be inspired by the aesthetics of Metroidvania and Berserk franchises with its dark, brooding, and melancholy art style.

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Although its color palette and palette are muted compared to other titles on this list, like Cuphead, each animation frame, character and scenery is drawn by hand. Players looking for an atmospheric yet equally challenging game to complete should give this title a try.

3 Bastion

However Supergiant Games is best known for its more recent titles such as underworld and bonfire, Bastion was the game that started it all. The game frankly looks delicious despite being released over 10 years ago. The game features striking yet beautiful hand-painted 2D visuals as the designers intended to express beauty in a post-apocalyptic world.

According to the artists, the hand-painted style was to soften the sharpness as exhibited in other isometric games and depictions of devastated environments. Bright, lush and equally haunting, Bastion also comes with an amazing soundtrack while being a visual treat that delivers an engaging and immersive story.

2 wild myth

wild myth is a charming, party-based RPG that pays homage to classic dungeon crawlers. The game uses procedural storytelling, tactical turn-based combat, and choose-your-own-adventure mechanics that deliver a tantalizing fantasy ride. wild myth is also a visual delight that invites players to embark on a classic fantasy adventure. With multiple storylines and multiple paths to navigate, the game has come a long way since its initial early access release in 2019.

Using a 2D art style seemingly inspired by papier-mâché aesthetics and a story told using comic books dubbed “The Library of Games”, the game may initially seem laid-back but can offer players a unique and immersive fantasy experience. .

1 The Banner Saga Trilogy

While many games can be considered mind-blowing, the Banner Saga trilogy does so in a unique way that has captivated the gaming community. The game takes place in an agonizing fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology where players must lead their convoy to safer pastures, far from the horrors that pursue them.

With turn-based tactical combat and branching narratives, the game is amazing to behold and is likely to immediately immerse players in the world and story. The game’s design and art looks like something out of a fairy tale and exudes a sense of wonder, especially during cutscenes when player convoys encounter the various God Stones. Sticking to a traditional style, the game’s art direction is deeply inspired by the work of Eyvind Earle of by Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Complex, striking and breathtakingly beautiful, the banner saga is a must-have for fans of the fantasy genre and connoisseurs of video games.

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