Lacson: On the PDP-Laban petition to reopen the COC filing period


PHILIPPINES, January 3 – Press release January 3, 2022

On the PDP-Laban petition to reopen the COC filing period

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I wouldn’t want to think that the intention of the motion to reopen the COC filing filed by the PDP-Laban is to delay the May 9, 2022 election – and pave the way for the President’s term to be extended to- beyond June 30, 2022. This is something that the 1987 Constitution clearly prohibits.

As I suggested earlier to Senate President Vicente Sotto III and some of my colleagues, the Senate must not allow this to happen. We can preserve the presidential line of succession as provided for in art. VII art. 7 of the 1987 Constitution. How?

SP Sotto and President Lord Allan Velasco will both resign along with President and Vice President on June 30. If such a scenario becomes imminent, before the adjournment of Congress, we will elect a new president of the Senate whose term expires on June 30, 2025. He / she will act as president until a new president or vice-president. president has been selected and qualified.

Most of my colleagues have already accepted this proposal, because democracy and the fundamental law of the land could be threatened.

Let me clarify and stress that I am not accusing the administration of any malicious attempt in this possible scenario. What I am only saying is that the Senate will always be the bulwark of our democracy, and I am proud to play a major role in it.


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