Local women bring distinct artistic styles to Tucson J


WThe works of Ann Lapidus and Jeanne Hartmann will be on display at the Fine Art Gallery of the Tucson Jewish Community Center until May 17.

Ann Marcus Lapidus creates an abstract painting with a vivid palette. She holds a BA in Art from Pomona College and a semester diploma from the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Lapidus has taught art to children and adults at various locations in Tucson including Canyon Ranch, the Tucson Museum of Art, Handmaker, Congregation Or Chadash, and 20 years at Temple Emanu-El Religious School. She currently teaches at Tucson J.

“I focus on the joy of color and the relationship between color and shape to create a sense of depth and movement on flat surfaces,” she says. “I often use iridescent paints for their luminescent qualities… The juxtaposition of dark and light shades creates an illusion of three-dimensional space.

‘Château Mandala’ by Jeanne Hartmann

Jeanne Hartmann’s paintings, influenced by Japanese art, employ soft colors and soft edges. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to study art, music, and theater. She studied art history in Paris, returned to the United States and joined the circus. She was the magical genius and show painter of the Royal London Magic Circus.

Hartmann designed three lines of pottery. She taught painting and watercolor at Sumi for Phoenix Parks and Recreation and at Saddlebrooke in Tucson and now teaches watercolor painting and drawing in her studio in Mount Lemmon.


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