My Town – “Beyond Blood” Art Workshop by Untold Period Stories

Photo credit: Dipen Maharjan


Untold Period Stories, a community that brings the subject of periods to the table without judgment through storytelling, hosted a live art workshop themed “Beyond Blood” on May 29, Sunday at Gallery LA, Bauddha to mark menstrual hygiene month 2022.

The event was co-hosted by For the Menstruators, Operation Period and Gallery LA. This event aims to create an inclusive space where personal expression is combined with art and advocacy. Seven artists including Anamika Gautam, Anisha Maharjan, Deepak Thami, Ishan Pariyar, Namrata Singh, Sabita Dangol, and Sudar Lama painted living art based on menstruation.

Likewise, the attendees of the event also created art following the respective theme. The event started with narration by Krisha Niroula followed by poetry recitation by Aarju Parajuli and Sundar Lama. Similarly, Louise Nothomb, one of the co-founders of Untold Period Stories, shared the importance of encouraging people to speak up without fear of being judged.

Pooja Bista, one of the co-founders of Untold Period Stories, said, “Every time we see menstrual art, the main theme is blood or cultural injustice surrounding menstruation. We want to push artists and also people to go beyond the idea. that menstruation is just blood.” She added, “Menstruation is a cycle, and within that cycle there are so many spaces, experiences and perspectives that can be expressed through art . We want artists and participants to express themselves honestly. We want them to bring the paint watcher into their shoes, also considering the non-menstrual experience.”

The event promotes expression, advocacy and safe spaces to dissolve feelings of shame, stigma, embarrassment and guilt created by taboos.

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