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Moser two-piece museum quality urn, 38 inches tall, opaque yellow art glass with colored enamel leaf decor and applied tassel highlights. The upper part presents a scene of two children.
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DOUGLAS, Kan. – Part 1 of the Ron Blessing Estate’s Lifetime Collection – a stunning accumulation of quality Victorian antiques, French cameo art glass, vintage American furniture and other items – will be auctioned on Saturday October 29, starting at 9:30 a.m. Central Time, by Woody Auction. The sale will take place online and live in the Woody Auction room located at 130 East Third Street, Douglass.

Mr. Blessing was a longtime resident of Kearney, Nebraska, and began collecting fine Victorian antiques many years ago. Early on, he developed a love for silverware, especially pickle wheels and bridal baskets. His dream was to turn his warehouse in Kearney into a fully-displayed showroom of the finest antiques available and to host grand dinner parties surrounded by the Victorian atmosphere.

As with many collectors, Ron’s tastes evolved and French art glass became another passion. Consequently, he managed to acquire some of the most sought-after coins in the country. His antiques had to be properly displayed, so Ron began collecting only the finest furniture, by makers such as RJ Horner, AJ Johnson, Meeks, Belter, Pottier & Stymus, Karpen, Phillip Kopp and Oriel.

“It is indeed an honor for Woody Auction to present the first part of one of the finest collections of Victorian antiques anywhere,” said Jason Woody of Woody Auction. “The 312 lots will be sold at public auction to the highest unreserved bidder. Mr. Blessing’s real estate collection is so massive that it had to be split into two auctions. The second part will take place in March 2023.”

There are several wonderful signed French Galle cameo art glass pieces from the turn of the century. One, a lamp made circa 1920 and 30 inches tall, has a beautiful yellow background with an overlay of carved Japanese chrysanthemums in blue and amethyst cameo with butterfly highlights. Another, 11 inches tall, is a vase with a beautiful ice blue background with a sculpted white cameo overlay depicting sixteen seagulls in flight above ocean waves. Both are of the highest quality and are beautiful representations.

Circular bank/hotel foyer cabinet by Phillip Kopp, 105 inches high and 63 inches in diameter, made in 1850 from burr walnut, a two-tier cabinet, featuring four sections of white marble with mirrors.
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Yet a third French cameo art glass vase signed Galle, this one a 9 ½ inch high mold blown example, does not carry the high estimates of the other two, but is equally beautiful. It features a clematis design with a yellow and white ground amber cameo overlay. Also for sale is a two-piece, museum-quality urn by Moser, 38 inches tall, of incredibly rare opaque yellow art glass with extensive colored enamel leaf decor and applied tassel highlights. The upper part presents a scene of two children.

A 12-piece dining set by RJ Horner in the Oak Busted Lady pattern is “the most complete Horner dining set that Woody Auction has ever had the privilege of selling,” said Mr. Woody. The highly detailed set includes a dresser with four glass shelves, a buffet with beveled mirror, a sideboard, a dining table with three leaves that can extend up to 95 ½ inches in length and eight beautiful dining chairs .

Also from RJ Horner, a beautiful quarter-sawn oak three-piece bedroom set. The matching set includes a double bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe, with elaborate griffins, cherubs and a figurative head bust with serious depth. This is one of the finest Horner bedroom sets available. A fantastic laminated rosewood coffee table by J. & J. Meeks will also catch the eye, impressive with its intricately carved whimsical horned beast with fruit spilling out of an open mouth and optionally a replaced white marble top.

A piece of furniture with an interesting history is Phillip Kopp’s Circular Bank/Hotel Foyer Cabinet, 105 inches tall and 63 inches in diameter, made in 1850 from burr walnut. The two-tier cabinet, made up of four sections of white marble with mirrors set at 90-degree angles, was on display at the Crystal Palace Expo in New York, with a sign saying the original price was 3,000 $ (over $112,000 in today’s dollars). Other features included 16 lockable drawers and eight lockable doors.

French cameo art glass lamp signed Galle, circa 1920, 30 inches tall, boasting a lovely yellow background with an overlay of carved Japanese chrysanthemums in blue and amethyst cameo with butterfly highlights.
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A huge three-door rosewood dresser, 112 inches high by 93 inches wide, has an elaborate crest with a “B” monogram, beveled glass doors and glass shelves. The cabinet is of the highest quality. Rounding out a few highlights from the furniture category, a circa 1880 sideboard from Oriel Cabinetry, crafted from beautiful quarter-sawn oak and featuring full-bodied figures of mermaids and soldiers, a large two-piece marble top , four drawers and four doors. A mirror will be sold separately.

Returning to French cameo art glass, two turn-of-the-century vases by Daum Nancy should both do well. One is a blown vase, with wonderful Black Forest detailing, 17 ½ inches tall, having a mottled orange and yellow background with a green transition to a black cameo cutout overlay. The other has two applied handles, 6 inches high, light white, with a marbled yellow and pink background with a scenic decor of cameo acid cut mushrooms, elaborate enamel highlights and fantastic detailing.

Buyers present at the sale will benefit from a zero percent buying commission when paying in cash or by check. Additionally, buyers in attendance will not pay any sales tax as this is a single seller collection auction. Also, collectors take note: Woody Auction has attempted to call out all defects that may affect an item’s value, but the final decision is left to the buyer. Common nicks and scratches have not been called out.

Please note that large furniture will not be at the Douglass Auction House and must be picked up in person in Kearney, Nebraska or shipped via professional shipper by Thursday, December 8. Removal or shipping can only take place after receipt of bank transfer, cashing of checks or with a bank guarantee. For more information on Great Furniture, please visit www.woodyauction.com/kearney-furniture. To make an appointment to preview Kearney’s Big Furniture, call 316-747-2694. Appointments are available October 15 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Oct. 18 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A preview will be held on Friday, October 28, from 1-5 p.m. Central Time in the Douglass Auction House for all Antiques and Small Furniture (but not Heavy Furniture and Groupings). People can register and bid online now at www.liveauctioneers.com/woody-auction-llc. Bidders are encouraged to register at least 48 hours in advance. For more information on mail-order and telephone auctions, as well as local accommodations, please visit www.woodyauction.com/October-29-2022-ron-blessing/.

Woody Auction is still accepting quality submissions for future sales. To consign a single item, estate or entire collection, please call (316) 747-2694; or, you can email them at info@woodyauction.com. To learn more about Woody Auction and the antique auction scheduled for Saturday, October 29 at 9:30 a.m., visit www.woodyauction.com. Updates are released often.

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