Rekha Bhardwaj unveils her artistic works


Rekha Bhardwaj exhibiting some of his paintings

Indian artist Rekha Bhardwaj opened a week-long exhibition of her works at the Nubuke Foundation in Accra.

The exhibition which ends on November 15 is the budding artist’s first solo exhibition to announce himself and present his works to the public.
Rekha Bhardwaj told reporters in an interview: “This is my first solo exhibition to introduce myself and find out how people are going to feel about my paintings.

I have almost 35 collections that I have worked on in the last five months and this event is basically putting them outdoors.
The exhibition features 35 inspiring and exquisite paintings on various themes and concepts drawn from everyday situations.
Rekha’s acrylic paintings are reflections of everyday situations put on paper and which she said were a way “to inspire and motivate people after looking at my works”.

She underlined: “Everything inspires me; summaries of happiness, sadness as well as everyday situations that I put on paper.
Rekha, who is currently based in the country, plans to commercialize her works but her first concern is to improve her works as she enriches her collections.
“I intend to go into painting as a long term business, but now my goal is to improve my work, especially with acrylic painting which is a relatively new field for me. “


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