Residential murals blend iconic street art styles with elements of island life



#island # murals #street art

January 6, 2016

Kate sierzputowski

Mural by Seth Globepainter, image courtesy of Arrested Motion

Recently several street artists including Gorg One, Seth Globepaintre, and Meo gathered for a street art festival in Reunion to transform the district of La Rose des Vents into a wall paradise, covering many of its large walls with representative representations of children, elephants and sea creatures. The host island is a French region located just east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, an exotic location for the festival organized by the City Museum.

Participating artists tweaked their own styles of street art slightly to include hints of island flair, with some even painting images of local residents on their designated walls. Seth Globepainter brought his iconic trompe-l’oeil subject of children looking over buildings (previously shown here) to the side of one residence, while also including a pasted depiction of the ethnically diverse island on another facade. You can see more murals from Reunion Island on the festival’s Facebook page here. (Going through Movement stopped)


Gorge One mural, Image courtesy of Arrested Motion


Mural by Seth Globepainter, image courtesy of Arrested Motion


Mural by Fabien Fontaine, image provided by Reunion Island Street Art Facebook page


Mural by Meo, Image courtesy of Arrested Motion

#island # murals #street art

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