Star Wars video games should adopt anime art styles too


Star wars has been on a roll over the past few years. While the franchise has been popular for decades, the sequel trilogy, animated shows, live-action series and upcoming release Star Wars: Visions continued to provide a constant flow of Star wars content. Fans of Star wars video games have been treated as well with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars: Squadrons, and reissues of other classic titles.

Although all these installments in the Star wars the franchise has been visually impressive, from live-action productions to video games, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn from each other in the future. Star Wars: Visions is a unique take on the franchise and has many enthusiastic fans. Barely a month before the anthology’s release, it will likely reign as a talking point in fan spaces from here to long after the broadcast begins.

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Anime star wars

The Star Wars: Visions logo for the upcoming anime anthology in the franchise.

The lively style of Visions offer the Star wars allow some room to flex your muscles and grow taller. Anime as a medium has often been able to push the boundaries of what audiences expect, as well as to excel in areas that people are used to. A little like Star wars and its video games, many animated series of Dragon ball To My hero university were praised for their thrilling battles, deep worlds and magnificent landscapes.

The styles used in the different anime are just as diverse as the galaxy which Star wars takes place. It is something that Star Wars: Visions seems to show itself. With so many different styles available, the medium is a great way to tell many different types of stories.

This makes the anime’s aesthetic a great way to look into the future. Star wars video games. Its games have recently relied on more realistic graphics, dragging the galaxy far, far into player lounges. While graphics created to reflect influences from the anime may not provide the same realism, the artistic styles used in the medium have their own set of advantages that are not rooted in the realistic appearance of the subjects and scenes. .

Stylized anime graphics could provide space for games to be smoother and more striking. Realistic graphics can be difficult for some setups and more demanding on consoles. A simpler graphic style could retain the sense of beauty that Star Wars fans enjoy in games without requiring the kind of rendering needed in titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This does not mean that they will necessarily be easier to create, but that the work provided might be allowed to flourish even more.

Demon Slayer art style

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer using a water breathing sword style technique.

The anime style would also compliment many stories that Star wars recount. The graphic content of some animated series was intense, but they provided fight scenes and landscapes that fans have remembered for years. A good example of how this can be exploited is the Demon slayer anime and its new game. Demon slayer has a great story, but his art style is also compelling across different forms of media.

The style used in the anime creates shots and scenes often defined not only by the beauty of the scenery, but also by the intense combat in which the characters engage. For many fans, Ahsoka’s elimination of a room full of Death Watch members in the Clone wars TV series or the fateful duel of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith are great starting points for thinking about how this would translate into the Star wars cannon.

Being able to experience these often graphic moments within the confines of a game could bridge the gap between Star Wars’ more mature content with that which is still suitable for younger age groups. This is important to consider as the franchise tries to keep fans of all ages engaged while continuing to grow in the future.

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The complex stories of Gundam

Two Gundam suits from Gundam Evolution.

Their stories are just as amazing as the art of many animated series. While some people may think of these series as a different cartoon style, they often contain levels of complexity that mainstream western cartoons don’t often use. This is well illustrated in generational franchises, especially classics like Gundam. It’s been around almost as long as Star wars and is one of the best mecha anime ever.

If the series has seen many evolutions, it has also remained true to its roots. This has allowed him to dominate across the world with series like Wing of Gundam. Its stance in sci-fi and short-term conflict makes it a grounded series, but its storytelling has as many layers as Star wars – if not, more.

Using the Gundam series and its games as a source of inspiration for this Star wars can do when considering an anime game would be a solid step in the right direction. They each tend to strike similar notes, and while people often choose who is right and who is wrong, they both recognize that war and peace cannot exist hand in hand. Many times the innocent are the victims, and there’s no denying that they shouldn’t be.

Also as Star wars, Gundam is able to provide exciting and fun gameplay, with Evolution of Gundam seeks to be a fun game even in its early stages. Star wars already has the Battle front series as a viable option for future team fights, but he could learn from Gundam technical and delivery. The willingness to use stylized graphics to convey unique and intense stories is not something to be laughed at. The complexity of Gundam the stories perfectly show how deep an anime style is Star wars can be while still retaining the thrill of sci-fi and fantasy.

Overall, an anime style could be one of the best ways to convey the future. Star wars stories through video games. Many people around the world are equally familiar with the artistic and vibrant scenes that anime has to offer as well as being Star wars Fans. Conversely, the anime style might appeal to some players who might not have considered giving Star wars games to try in the past. Bringing together these two aspects of pop culture would not only be a great way to showcase a new title, but also to attract new fans.

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