The Biggest Unanswered Questions From Season 1’s Blue Period

With Blue Period Season 1 wrapped and streaming on Netflix, let’s break down the unanswered questions related to Yaguchi and his art-loving friends.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Blue Period, now streaming on Netflix.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Blue period Season 1 was how Yatora Yaguchi struggled as a novice artist, to persevere and surpass his talented peers and gain acceptance into Tokyo University of the Arts. It was a huge weight on his back, proving to his parents and teachers that he had what it took to succeed in the field of art.

Yaguchi was also determined to make money, silencing doubters who thought this career would not pay dividends. However, as he prepared for his next big step after high school, some unanswered questions remained unanswered at the end of Blue periodthe first season of.

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Could the blue period develop a romance between Yaguchi and Ryuji?

Ryuji graduated from the blue period

There was an obvious attraction between Yaguchi and Ryuji, with the protagonist not caring that Ryuji was a transvestite. He didn’t want to attach any labels to Ryuji or his own sexuality, deeming them as fluid and as abstract as art. Ryuji, unfortunately, failed the exams and indicated that she wanted to quit Japanese art, which left Blue period fans are wondering about his next steps.

Her family, with the exception of her grandmother, disapproves of her lifestyle after being born a boy, so it remains to be seen if she can overcome the drama at home and if she and Yaguchi will become an item. The mating may even cause her to return to art as her grandmother would have her, but if Ryuji wanders off, she might get depressed again and fall into the wrong crowd.

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What will happen with Yaguchi and Mori?

Mori graduated from the blue period

Maru Mori is the eldest who inspired Yaguchi to pursue art, all before she left to attend Musahino University of Art, where she continued to study religious art. They had feelings for each other, with Yaguchi drawing something for him before he left, and Mori eventually returning to see his nude painting which brought him to Tokyo.

She loved it, with their old teacher, Saeki, clearly pushing her to go after him and do something. That they can do it and balance promising artistic careers is a likely Season 2 storyline for Blue period.

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How will Yaguchi’s peers handle Tokyo and the university?

Yaguchi and Yotasuke graduated from blue period

Fumi Kamiyama is Saeki’s eccentric silver-haired protege who also entered Tokyo, and luckily she doesn’t seem to have many personal issues. However, her exuberance could take over if she comes across as naïve. Blue period fans can’t wait to see how she handles Tokyo – as well as the third student who entered, Yotasuke Takahashi. He had significant family dramas and trust issues, leaving fans wondering what happened that scarred him. He doesn’t trust anyone, even a nice Yaguchi, so he might not do well in college.

What is the plan for those who failed their exams?

Fumi graduated from the blue period

Maki failed the exam and cried during a concert, leaving her sister – an expert artist – to console her and reveal that she would be waiting for her. However, many others seem disenchanted with the plot, which left fans wondering what the likes of Sakuraba would do next.

She suggested that she would get a job and forget about the dream, but some of Oba’s other students at cram school are still interested. This begs the question: will they seek help from Yaguchi and the other graduates? This could help them all move forward together. Hashida, in particular, would love another crack as he has an ego and knows he’s as good as the graduates.

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Will Koi achieve his dream of becoming a baker?

Koi is a graduate and wants to be a baker during the blue period

Yaguchi’s original crew outside the realm of art are afraid to move on, unsure of their success. He encouraged them to believe in themselves, letting Blue period viewers curious if they will take the lead in his dedication to his craft.

Above all, Koi was so inspired that he pursued his dream of becoming a baker. Considering he got a lot of screen time in Season 1, fans would like to know if he has the discipline to open his bakery — and if the guys will be really good tasters.

The 12 episodes of season 1 of Blue Period are available on Netflix.

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