Video games with the most unique art styles

The conversation around video games, whether they are considered artistic or not, has been going on for ages among gamers. Of course, all games focus much of their attention on music, style, effects and the proper use of one of these elements, which can be considered huge bonus points for any game. .

Without these elements, games wouldn’t be as visually or sonically appealing as they are! So in this list we will share some of the games that we think are super artistic or have a unique style that really makes the game stand out!


before your eyes


Developed by GoodByeWorld Games, this 2021 release caught the attention of many gamers with overwhelmingly positive reviews across all platforms. Before Your Eyes wowed us with its dazzling visuals and color combinations that go hand-in-hand with the game’s story, one of the character’s souls going through an adventure in their afterlife.

The sounds, animation, gameplay and script take you on a journey that many people loved. Even the BAFTA Awards endorsed this selection, awarding Before Your Eyes the Game Beyond Entertainment award. Have you ever tried this game?


The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II


The Last of Us Part II is an acclaimed adventure game, as well as a fan favorite. Despite the blood and gore, the game looks beautiful, with its post-apocalyptic narrative, rich visuals, meticulous detail, and precise musical cues and switches. The game’s incredible effects, coupled with the stunning performances of the actors who brought its characters to life, elevate this video game to the highest artistic status.


Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive


After a nearly two-year delay, Bandai’s “Digimon Survive” is one of the most anticipated video games of 2022. The game brings back all-time favorite Digimons Agumon and Gabumon as they and their fellow Digimons attempt to save the digital and real world. But what really won us over here was the art style that went into this game and its gameplay tactics: aside from the typical save-the-world story, every decision made throughout the game affects how which players proceed from, which in turn affects their digimon. evolution line. And if that’s not enough, the visuals themselves really pop, almost like the player is watching an anime show, instead of just playing a video game. Plus, with great original music composed especially for it, this game is a true visual novel of 2022 video game releases.


Yes, the top spot in our top 4 goes to Minecraft, the game whose impact everyone is still feeling to this day.

At a time when all video games tried to focus on 3D, complicated and as realistic as possible, Minecraft came out with a simplicity that made adults nostalgic and young people relate to an “older” art style with a modern touch. .

The game created a buzz around the world, mainly due to people’s ability to express their creativity in the way they craft weapons, build houses and farms, and connect with a large society in the game.

This game may not be the most “beautiful” visually, but the fact that it embellished old pixelated art and our approach to gameplay puts Minecraft at the top of our list!

What other games have you played that you thought were very good? We want to hear from them! Share this story and let us know!

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