Yatora risks failing his biggest exam and is rewarded for it

In episode 10 of Blue Period, Yatora prefers friendship to study – and it can cost him more than he thinks.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of Blue period, “Our Color Blue,” now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix Blue period, Yaguchi Yatora passed the first exam to enter Tokyo University of the Arts and now aims to pass the second exam. After her long journey of trying to improve as an artist, Yatora is ready for the next challenge – a limitless painting test. But two nights before the big day, he’s faced with a tough decision: should he stay home and get ready, or should he accompany his friend Ayukawa Ryuji to the beach when something is clearly wrong?

Yatora has already been called out by Ryuji not to be there when it really matters, so when he calls his friend and asks him what’s wrong he takes the opportunity to meet up instead of pushing his own needs through. first. They end up on a train to the very last stop, a seaside town.

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Ryuji and Yatora Blue Period

Once there, they find a business hotel and book a room for the night. Even though Yatora is exhausted and has severe hives, he and Ryuji talk about what’s going on. Ryuji has seen all of his bedroom belongings thrown away by his parents due to his gender identity and artistic sensibility. The only person in their family who supports them is their grandmother, and they don’t want to disappoint her by choosing a different art style than the one she taught them: Japanese art.

Yatora also bares his soul during their conversation, noting how everyone overestimates him and he feels like he has to work twice as hard to meet their expectations. He envies people of raw talent, feeling he has to make up for it barely compare. In the process of mentally discharging themselves, they also decide to take nude self-portraits, although separated by a screen. This process of both physical and mental unveiling of oneself turns out to be invaluable insight for Yatora, whose portrayal is extremely well done.

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Yatora Self-Portrait Blue Period

But even if this adventure was worth it to overcome his various fears around art, it could cost Yatora the second entrance exam because Blue period keep on going. Not only did he not prepare as hard as he normally would – although an argument could be made that his experience with Ryuji was sufficient preparation – but the hives he was experiencing also worsened. When Yatora shows up for the exam feeling confident, his stature is shaken when he realizes he has to carry his art equipment up eight flights of stairs.

Not far from there, he suddenly experiences a sharp pain and a problem with his eyesight. Her hives are also shown under her clothes to have become even more severe. In his efforts to be a good friend and a better artist, Yatora ironically ignored his physical body and put his health on the line at the worst possible time. With the second exam moments from the start, Yatora is brought to her knees, with all of her future in. Blue period in the air.

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